Two-Day Workshop / Gift Voucher for 2023


Friday & Saturdays
(2022 classes have finished / gift vouchers are available for 2023 workshops)
22 — 23 July
19 — 20 August
23 — 24 September
28 — 29 October

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An intense two-day course — designed for beginners from all professional backgrounds — to work closely with wood letter & metal type, letterpress materials & printing equipment.

The Two-Day Course offers its participants a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of typography & design through the use of the traditional materials & processes used in letterpress.

The workshop is typographically driven — you will be introduced to the fundamental procedures of metal type setting & wood letter composition & through a simple series of exercises: begin to explore the possibilities of letterpress techniques & visual ideas; experiment with ink & understand the basics of printmaking paper.

The second day allows the students to develop a more thorough outcome.