Rare Autovic Platen* press // SOLD


*The platen is not hinged (like most other presses), but runs on rails in the vertical position. This ensures that impression is even over the face of the forme.

It lives in Bruton in Somerset, UK. Owned for 15 years but not used for two or three — now surplus to requirements.

In really good working order with some minor upgrades. Good leather belt & motor is running well. Rollers all in good working order. Will need a good oil.

Comes with two specific Autovic chases. Internal size 17 x 12 and-a-half-inches (in old money).

Would need to be picked up & moved from Somerset. The workshop has easy access & large shutters to get lifting equipment in & out. Delivery can be organised but can be expensive. I have an average quote of £1000 to deliver in the UK.


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