10.4 / Make Well! — Hole & Corner Weekends

Some notes

Project / process & outcome

In the Summer of 2021 — the craft magazine — Hole & Corner; invited me to run a series of typography workshops at the ‘Make Well Weekends’ at newly developed ‘The Guild, Wiltshire’. 

Running across three weekends: July 3, August 14—15 and September 11—12, Make Well invited the public to get hands-on and develop new skills, meet artists and makers and learn about their craft, all in the rural and historic setting of The Guild Wiltshire, a regenerated carpet factory in the stunning South West, near Salisbury.

“These events are a brilliant opportunity to get hands-on and develop new skills, meet the makers and learn about their craft. Workshops include: model making with Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit, letterpress with Mr Smith — designer of the Make Well logo) and screen printing your own tote bag with Miesje Chafer. Follow the event link to book your tickets or workshops can be booked here”


H&C asked me to design the overall branding for the events & their designer — Megan Gallagher and I set about creating a portrait & landscape ‘marque’ to be used across all media.

Designed with wood letter — the final compositions reinforced the well-crafted, hand-made, slow-tempo nature of the event.

I took a substantial amount of equipment to ‘The Guild’ site in Salisbury and set up in a beautiful brick warehouse with plenty of space to examine the work. Short workshops were booked across the days. A really lovely mix of enthusiastic ‘punters’ made a tremendous effort to understand the process & work with the materials.

The linguistic theme of the sessions were a real mouthful. I’m a fan of tongue twisters — everyone has their own favourite; from short to long — funny to black. There were some fun results.