04.7 / Identities


Clothing company 6876 sprung elegantly out of ‘Duffer of St George’ / Ken & Chris were the first of their generation to reinvigorate workwear / the name derived from the revolutions in france & the explosion of punk in the UK

some earlier ideas & proofs / the repeat pattern (dotted matrix) & numerals encased in them were always in the mix /

8 in the Universe

04.7 / Alba

Bruce Clyne-Watson

Sophistication in simplicity
Somerset based. Nationwide.

Coddiwomple Cider

Dinesen Associates

Emma Lewis — Photographer

Hackney Bread Kitchen

Make Well! — Hole & Corner Weekends

Iliffe Yard

Jenny Nissler Ergonomics

Ludwig Willis — Architects

No 6 / Bruton

SC Dogs

SC Salt



Tim Moss

Toby etc