04.2 / Prints

04.2 / Living Ink — Breathe in

Normal Phenomena of Life
Lessons From The Living World edition

Breathe In
A set of 3 sequential prints

“Each time we inhale, roughly 50% of the oxygen drawn into our lungs was produced by algae. Bruton-based artist Kelvyn Smith pays homage to the producers of this vital life source through a triptych of letterpress prints representing, on paper, the role algae plays in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Printed with toxin-free, carbon-negative ink made from algae.”

“This limited edition artwork series has been printed on high-quality 100% cotton archival stock with toxin-free, carbon-negative ink made of algae. The unique letterpress exploration celebrates the craft of printmaking and honours the fundamental role played by algae in the ecosystem.”


Designed, hand-set & printed letterpress
with Black Algae offset ink by Living Ink
on 280gsm BFK Rives Grey printmaking paper
at 560x760mm

04.2 / Road Rat Magazine

THE ROAD RAT / Magazine / Issue 014
“The 14th edition of The Road Rat is dedicated entirely to celebrating the greatest race of them all — Le Mans.”

General outline . . .


I have used a ’20 line Grotesque bold’ wood letter type for the front cover / (20 line = 20 picas) / Typically an English form & a strong poster type based on 19th Century styles
but probably made in the mid 20th Century

The bold type for the back pages is a metal (lead) type at 60 point / it is Grotesque 9 made by Stephenson Blake of Sheffield /
set in Upper & lower case

set in 18pt / range left U&lc /
Condensed Sans 5 /
with a smaller 10pt name credit in spaced capitals

set in 18pt / range left U&lc /
Consort light U&lc / ‘vertically justified’
with a smaller 12pt name credit in spaced capitals

are both founders types by Stephenshon Blake of Sheffield

set in 18pt /
with an Egyptian slab serif called Antique /
with a smaller 10pt name credit in spaced capitals

all compositions were designed, hand set & proofed on a vandercook cylinder press
at my somerset workshop

initially on newsprint & finally on a 280gsm Somerset Grey printmaking paper
everything was proofed in a very dark greeny-grey (PMS 418)
which i have pre-mixed in a tin & use as my ‘house colour’

04.2.1 / People Like Us

Design consultancy ‘People Like Us’ . . .

Website / t shirts & accessories 

Design consultancy ‘People Like Us’ . . .

Design approach /

04.2.2 / The Black Bites Back