4.2.2 / The Black Bites Back

“This Black Bites Back” 2022

Part of Playing The Race Card Exhibition, St Leonards-On-Sea
By Anna-Maria Nabirye

Black ink on paper.
Printed alongside the craftsmanship and artistry of @smiths_rules @junipersees
Paper by Gmund courtesy of @gfsmithpapers

A physical and rhythmic response set on paper.
“Something a little spikey is growing inside and outside of me and words feel like a place of freedom to explore this.”

AM Nabirye

Limited edition of 25

So a few weeks ago I arrived at @smiths_rules letter press workshop with friend and champion @junipersees (also an amazing book binder, artist, playwright in her own right) with a work waiting to be birthed. I had a strong a clear knowledge that it needed to be created through the letter press process despite never working in that medium. Sometimes you just know.

The piece ‘This Black Bites Back’ part of @playingtheracecarduk exhibition. Is a text based piece, raw and personal and it needed not only expertise and precision but also space to grow, explore, experiment and find where on the page it wanted to be.

It needed to take space to be unapologetic in its making. I am so thankful to @smiths_rules and @junipersees for giving me that space and supporting me and the work to emerge whilst sharing their skills, expertise and artistry.

I am hooked and there is more to come from this series.

“Being in the room while this inky work came alive was a dream. It’s a stunning piece, @smiths_rules totally rules – those backs of the letters are so stunning, lines and grain and trappings and traces of use.”

“It’s such a powerful piece. I knew it would get snapped up. So proud of you 💙 @smiths_rules is the best 🔥”