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Letterpress Classes 2017
An Introduction to Letterpress

An intense two-day course, designed to allow Art Directors, Artists, Designers, Printmakers & Students to work closely with wood & metal type, letterpress materials & printing equipment.

The resurgence of letterpress over the last decade has triggered a passionate respect for the craft & reinforced its position in the visual arts. Letterpress has identified itself as an antidote to the immediate & often dispensable nature of modern technology. There are very few letterpress facilities remaining in the British Isles & even fewer experts to instruct.

Workshop Curriculum

The ‘Introduction to Letterpress’ two-day workshop offers its participants a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of typography & design through the use of the traditional materials & processes used in letterpress.

The workshop is typographically driven — you will be introduced to the fundamental procedures of metal type setting & wood letter composition & through a simple but expressive project: begin to explore the possibilities of letterpress techniques & visual ideas. Each workshop will produce a bespoke two-colour limited edition print of the work undertaken.

Workshop Curriculum

Day One / 10:00 — 17:00
Introductions & Objectives of the day:
An outline of the basic curriculum
1. Methods & organisation of work:
2. Measurement systems:
3. Workshop practice:
4. Hand setting practice:
5. Creative typographic exercise:
6. Understanding the presses:

Day Two / 10:00 — 17:00
Objectives of the day:
1. Paper:
2. Research & design application:
3. Final crit discussion & feed back: